Welcome to The Pacific College of Pharmacy

Times are changing now and so are we. With the entrance in the computer age, different cultures and civilizations are coming together to give a new shape to education everyday. Various reforms in the society have demanded a concrete form of education. Seeing to the needs of the time, the government has also advocated privatization of education.

To cater the educational needs of the people, one such dynamic educational society which as come forward in Rajasthan is ‘Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research.’ Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research, a beautiful brainchild of Mr. B.R. Agrawal, has given a number of quality institutes to Udaipur. The society was set up in 1997 with the mission of creating outstanding scholars in the field of medicine, management, computers and education, who can adapt the past, master the present and prepare for the future. The society aims at forming a University so as to cater the needs of the students more efficiently. The remarkable creations of the Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research, till date, are ‘Pacific College’, ‘Pacific Dental College’, ‘Pacific Institute of Management’ and ‘Pacific College of Teachers’ Education’ and now Pacific College of Pharmacy. Pacific College of Pharmacy in the new arrival of this prestigious society. It is approved by PCI. Pacific College of Pharmacy offers 4 year B. Pharma and 02 year M.Pharm,2 Year D.Phama programme. The annual intake is 60 (Sixty only). The desirous students go through counseling before taking admission in the B. Pharma programme. The Fee schedule is decided by the government of Rajasthan. Surrounded by mesmerizing scenic beauty, Pacific College of Pharmacy is situated on the Airport Road, 12 kms from Udaipur. The college glows bright with various facilities, e.g. Well equipped laboratories Instrumentation room, , Computer Lab, Audio-Visual Department, Administrative Office, Seminar Hall, Library and a handsome strength of teaching faculty under the dynamic supervision of a well experienced Director Dr. Jayesh Dwivedi.